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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Music

Welcome to Spirit Guide Musical Instruments. The choice of a musical instrument to play is indeed a spiritual decision, and the instrument(s!) that you play can be your spiritual companions for the rest of your life. The primary purpose of Spirit Guide Musical Instruments is to ensure that you find a good quality instrument that you can enjoy forever, at an affordable price. Here you can find almost every Western orchestral or folk instrument available, as well as some wonderful ethnic instruments and some very special and unusual instruments.

Having a hard time figuring out where to begin shopping? Go to the Store Directory to  Spirit Guide Musical Instruments. The first directory on that page lists the store categories and subcategories, along with the instruments that can be found there. Each entry in the directory is linked to the part of the store where those instruments are listed. The second directory contains an alphabetical listing of all of the instruments. Coming soon is a directory organized by types of music you might want to play, listing the instruments commonly used for each type of music.

Explore the Instrumental Information section of this site, where you will find a nice "reference library" of information about the instruments we carry. If you see something that tickles your fancy in this section, most of the pictures are linked to the sections of the store where those instruments can be found (for the linked pictures, when you click on the link, you are taken to the page listing those instruments).

The Links pages contains links to educational websites where you can find a music teacher; learn to read music; explore acoustic physics (the physics of sound), music theory, and weird instruments; and even find sources of free music, as well as a Krass Kommercial Marketplace page with links to  electronic methods for learning music (these you have to pay for) and other online stores with whom I am affiliated where you can find brand-name instruments, musical supplies, and other music gear.

The  All About Us page contains some biographical information about me (Kathryn, the proprietress of Spirit Guide Musical Instruments), about my philosophy and Spirit Guide, and about the store. The store section even explains how the store is laid out and how it works when you are shopping. If you have never shopped online before, the store section and the following section (called Shipping and Payments) explains how your shipping charges are determined, and how you can pay securely for your purchases using the Shopping Cart and Checkout buttons.

The Instrument Sources page lists and describes Spirit Guide's major suppliers, so you can feel comfortable that you are acquiring an instrument from companies with a solid reputation for reliability and excellent customer service.

Curious about our logo? It is based on two adrinka symbols from West African wisdom traditions. The symbol on the left is the adrinka SESA WORUBAN symbol, meaning "I change or transform my life," and the symbol on the right is the adrinka BI NKA BI symbol meaning peace and harmony. They symbolize what you can do with music (transform and enhance your life) and what music can do for you (provide peace and harmony)! Are YOU ready to begin the journey?

If you have any questions about anything, please contact me. My phone number, snail-mail address, and email address are listed on every page within the site. You can send me a general question or comment on the site or store via email by clicking on the Contact Us link, or ask a specific question about an instrument or the "extras" supplied with an instrument by click on the Query Page link; both of these links can be found on the navigation menu to the left.

Feeling slightly overwhelmed? Bookmark this page, and come back any time to browse around at your leisure!

The Spirit Guide Commitment to You

Spirit Guide Musical Instruments is committed to offering you the best quality instruments available at a reasonable price. The vast majority of the instruments are supplied as "learner's packages." That means that you get the instrument PLUS the supplies you need to take care of it and some instructional materials to get you started on your musical sojourn. At every step of the process, you will be informed by email (or by phone if you prefer) when the order has been placed with the supplier; when the order has shipped and the tracking number; and if there are any questions about your order.

If by any chance you cannot find what you're looking for here, please visit any of the online retailers listed on our Krass Kommercial Marketplace page. Most of them carry a fine selection of brand-name instruments, supplies, books, and other musical paraphernalia (as described on the page beside the link to their store). 

Sample Items From Our Store

Windsor Silver-Finish Trumpet

LPD-LSTO - Windsor Silver-Finish Trumpet
Laurel Upright Bass

ORI-347 - Laurel Upright Bass
Florentine Mandolin (F-Style)

LPD-OM40 - Florentine Mandolin (F-Style)
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Spirit Guide Musical Instruments
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